Alcotec TurboKlar Finings

Alcotec TurboKlar Finings
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two-component fining agent for wine or turbo yeast wash. It will normally clear anything in 24 hours although some particularly difficult turbo yeast washes such as those from Alcotec 24, may require 48 hours.

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Average Rating: 5

amazing stuff

does exactly what it says on the tin! i do a lot of sugar washes and i dont normally add finings but i decided to try this and see if made any difference. It started to work almost instantly and after adding sachet B it was crystal clear within hours. When distiling the cleared wash my wife did comment that it didnt smell as bad as normal so thats a result!! (Aug 25 2018, 00:47 AM)

Turbo Indeed

Saved a 5Gl batch of Raspberry wine that had developed an alarming haze. 24 hours later it was good as new! Make sure you follow the intructions to the word though! (Apr 11 2017, 16:15 PM)

Finnings are fantastic

Added to a 25 litre fermentation bucket, I found these finings were fast acting. After only a few hours the brew was noticeably clearer. Have reordered this for the next batch. Recommended. (Apr 11 2017, 16:14 PM)

good stuff

Excellent! Does exactly what it says on the packet! Cleared my red wine in under 24 hours. I used the whole thing on about 6 litres. Wine is now crystal clear and tastes good. (Apr 11 2017, 16:13 PM)

best finnings ever

This stuff is really amazing!, clears a cloudy alcotec sugar brew in well under six hours. for best results, de- gas by stiring or shaking, allow to settle for a couple of hours,then thouroughly stir in 'A' , try not to diturb bottom seiment, leave for 2 hours, then gently sprinkle 'B' all over surface of brew, gently stir top 2 inches with a fork. Stand back and watch the magic!. (Apr 11 2017, 16:13 PM)
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