American Oaked Rum Ale 3.6kg

American Oaked Rum Ale 3.6kg
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Barrel aged beers have become increasingly popular in the craft beer fraternity and by beer aficionados the world over. Beer aged or served from wood is not a recent phenomenon by any means; beer was kept in wooden casks and vats until the advent of first aluminium and then stainless steel casks. The big difference between that and the barrel aging technique is the use of barrels from another drinks industry to add different character to a type of beer, sherry, bourbon, scotch, rum, wine and other barrels have all been used to great effect. Part of the art of barrel aging is creating beer that has both the character of the barrel and the character of the original beer. 

 We’ve melded together the character of a strong American ale, heavily toasted oak barrel and Rum to create a triumphantly aromatic and complex beer that suits contemplative drinking studying the myriad of overlaid flavours and aromas.

 Our beer pours a deep ruby red with a lovely creamy fluffy head.Oak and deep toffee caramel dominate the aroma of this beer, there are hints of rum that promise further delights. On the palate this beer has a complex array of flavours, all at once it’s malty, has a strong vanilla and oak character and has a subtle sweet rum character that overarches the beer and holds it all together, delicious.


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American Oaked rum

if you are going to brew this one , barrel it I think the taste is better than when I bottled my last lot,although I have squirrelled 4 bottles away just to see in 3 months time. (Feb 28 2015, 08:18 AM)

american Oaked rum ale

tasted this on 7/11/2014 tastes exactly as it says on the box.supposed to be for Christmas it won't make it.going down to spondon to get another today 8/11/2014 so have got enough.try this one you won't be disappointed (Nov 08 2014, 08:43 AM)
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