Beaverdale Nebbiolo 6 Bottle

Beaverdale Nebbiolo 6 Bottle
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An enormously robust wine with a good depth of colour. Velvety wines of extraordinary elegance with a hint of violets & pungent after taste.

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Barollo 6 bottle kit

Dear me! This is my first kit wine in years. The kit was made to the letter. OOB. Out Of the Box, nothing extra added etc. It has just been bottled and the first bottle never got corked. What a taste! What full flavour! Robust! Oozes quality! Delivers the quality straight to the mark. Leaves a nice rich flavour ion the pallet. The alcohol follows on behind shortly after. Two glasses is enough to make even me feel happily liberated, which is not the purpose of the exercise. For me, this is the best wine kit I can remember ever making. I'm coming back for more shortly. If there are other full bodied red wine kits out in the same league as this then please let me know. Yours sincerely David Lewis (Jun 16 2011, 18:15 PM)
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