Woodfordes Norfolk Ale Admirals Reserve 32 Pint Beer Kit

Woodfordes Norfolk Ale Admirals Reserve 32 Pint Beer Kit
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4.8 average, based on 5 reviews

The Carmen Lúcia of beers. This seasonal brew’s rich and spicy fruit flavours combine with roasted malts and hops to perfectly balance its darker aftertaste. Red in colour, it’s a ruby temptress with flavours of devastating proportions.
See: Dark
Smell: Citrusy
Taste: Spicy, Fruity
Sweetness: 3 / 5
Bitterness: 3 / 5

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8

Never had better from a pub

it is gr8 after just 4 weeks...don't think i have had a better ale from supermarket or pub... (Feb 03 2017, 13:14 PM)

great tasting brew

Great tasting brew, my first one I topped up to a 40 pint which weakened it slightly (but there was more of it). Still tasted great. It was done fermenting in about a week and ready to bottle, ABV came out around 5% and tasting the sample (rather than wasting it) at this point it was still a drinkable beer. It's now been bottled for near on 2 months and it's been getting better all the time. That reminds me, I must get the next batch going so it has time to condition before this batch runs out. (Feb 03 2017, 13:14 PM)

great kit great beer

This is a two can, all malt kit that makes an absolutely magnificent pint. The problem is that it's too good and I polished off a keg in a week! As good as any cask ale from a pub and at 70p a pint it's a no-brainier for me. (Feb 03 2017, 13:13 PM)

Excellent tasting beer

I am really impressed with this bitter.It suits both mine and my other half's pallet without being too strong.Been brewing for about a year now and this is the best so far......a bit more expensive but worth it! Cheers. (Feb 03 2017, 13:12 PM)

Great beer!

Very nice beer. Personally, I don't think it's quite as good as the Wherry, but still a very good beer none-the-less. If someone gave it to me in a pub I wouldn't send it back. You will not be disappointed! (Aug 21 2009, 19:47 PM)
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